Soundproofing services in north, south, east and west london, surrey, kent and surrounding areas

Is ambient noise spoiling the effect of your recordings in your studio? If your room has been improperly soundproofed, it can result in noise leakage, which is counterproductive to the whole idea of soundproofing.

We, at SoundproofingUK over 14 years of experience in providing quality soundproofing solutions to our cleints in London, Surrey, Kent and surrounding areas including Banstead, Leatherhead, Dorking, Redhill, Dartford, Croydon, Oxted, and Twickenham. 

We offer a TWO YEAR workmanship guarantee and are recommended fitters for Soundstop. You can count on us for perfect soundproofing service for your residential or commercial property.

Some facts about sound

Sound is a vibration or wave of air molecules caused by the motion of an object. This is either:

  • Airborne – for example: talking, laughing, music, TV, crying baby
  • Impact – for example: footfall, shifting chairs, music base vibrations

Effective soundproofing is achieved when the following (or a combination of the following) is put in place:

  • Breaking contact with an offending surface – mainly impact
  • Creating a void
  • Adding mass/density

Some other interesting facts:

  • Sound waves can travel through different mediums, including solids, liquids and air.
  • Sound waves travel in a given direction until an outside force or object gets in the way of its motion and reflects it.
  • In dry air, sound travels at 331.6 metres per seconds
  • The strength of sound is reflected by the sound level, expressed in the unit Decibel (dB). An increase in the sound level of 1dB is barely discernible. An increase in the sound level of 10dB anywhere within the area of audible sound is experienced by the human ear as a doubling of the sound volume. Inversely, a decrease of 10dB is experienced as if the sound level were cut in half.

If you require soundproofing for your residential and commercial property, call us at SoundproofingUK today!

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