soundproofing in North London, South London, Surrey, Kent and surrounding areas

Do you require soundproofing for the floor of your residential or commercial property?
Look no further than SoundproofingUK. We have several years of experience in catering to residential and commercial properties in London, Surrey, Kent and surrounding areas.

We provide a complete service right from sourcing the materials to clearing up once we have soundproofed your floors and offer a 2 year workmanship guarantee.

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Locations we serve:

Greater London and the South of England including but not limited to North London, South London, West London and East London, Twickenham, Bromley, Kingston, Hemel Hempstead, St Albans, Watford, Harrow to name a few.

Soundproofing floors

SBX Boards:

  • Primary use: Very effective solution against impact and airborne noise, losing very little floor height
  • Key Product Components: Corrugated hardboard, in a cardboard casing filled with Silka sand
  • Space impact: 15mm


  • Primary use: Effective against impact noise, losing little floor height
  • Key Product Components: Rubber and foam
  • Space impact: 9mm or 15mm

Under floor baton with two layers of Tecsound 50:

  • Primary use: Mostly for airborne noise fitted completely under your floor
  • Key Product Components: 100mm RW60 wool, 19mm soundplanks, Tecsound 50
  • Space impact: 0mm

Under floor hangers with Tecsound 50:

  • Primary use: Used against impact and airborne noise using exisitng floorboards
  • Key Product Components: 100mm RW60 wool, metal joist hanger with rubber foam breaking the contact, 19mm soundplanks and Tecsound 50
  • Space impact: 8mm

Joist caps:

  • Primary use: Impact
  • Key Product Components: Foam joist caps placed over joists, normally followed by tongue and groove chipboard and perimeter strips preventing contact and flanking noise – creating a floating floor
  • Space impact: 12mm

Monar Decking:

  • Primary use: Impact using a existing flat surface i.e concrete floor
  • Key Product Components: Chipboard with a foam backing used against impact problems
  • Space impact: 8mm–22mm

Whether it’s a small room that requires soundproofing or a large one, count on the experts at SoundproofingUK to help!

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